Sean Storch was born and raised in Pennsylvania.  He moved to Florida in 2004 and has never turned back.  During his time in Florida he has spent some time in the Clearwater/St. Petersburg area, North Tampa, Carrolwood, Brandon and now Southshore areas.  Sean’s educational background includes Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Education.  In addition, he has completed two Master’s programs in Project Management and Business Administration.

Sean’s first endeavors in the home building and real estate fields began while he was in high school.  He had two uncles in the trades and was able to carpentry and electrical skills.  He has utilized those skills through the years while installing or repairing, roofs, walls, lighting, building editions and other tasks.  He enjoys utilizing the knowledge of these skills in helping clients making informed decisions about the quality of workmanship found in homes or in helping to create design ideas for those looking to make a fixer upper their dream home.

Sean first received a real estate sales license in 2006.  He worked as an agent for a few years prior to meeting his current business partner.  Today, Sean is co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of M & M Real Estate Investment and Consulting.  He couples his knowledge of the real estate investment world with that of construction and home buying/selling to offer his Realty Professionals of Florida clients a true 360 degree view of their real estate decisions.

Sean, like Jason, is an avid outdoorsman.  Many days they can be found fishing and hunting together but many times, they are teaming up with each other to assist in finding clients the home of their dreams.  After all, that is what he has done for his wife, Ingrid, and their two daughters…